FlowJo Envoy is a cloud-based process-control tool that helps you coordinate all the work in your scientific facilities, from planning work before it begins to organizing the results long after the work is done.

FlowJo Envoy helps you and your team create workflows that enable analysis, notification, tracking, and reproducibility.

FlowJo Envoy makes coordinating the projects and people within your lab as easy as dragging a gate in FlowJo®. This new user-centric platform provides easy workflow management, notifications, and extensive search capability, helping you deliver data and insight faster and increase reproducibility, all with one click.

How to Use this Site

You’ve come to the official documentation site for FlowJo Envoy. This site’s content is in three categories:

  • Getting Started—A straightforward procedure to get you up and running fast.
  • Tasks—Procedures that walk you through common FlowJo Envoy tasks.
  • Reference—General information, such as what a specific button, window, or other part of the software does.

You can access this site directly from FlowJo Envoy by clicking the Help button Help Button on any FlowJo Envoy screen.