The Experiment Band band provides access to Fluorish’s panel development tool, website, unified reagent catalog, BD, LifeTech, BioLegend, and eBio’s spectral viewers. Fluorish has unified the antibody offering from numerous antibody manufactures into a single source. Using the panel wizard will now take users through a step wise process to create optimized antibody panels. The Fluorish website allows users to network with their lab and institution, as well as upload panels and share them. The spectral viewers from BD and Invitrogen are great resources to explore the excitation and emission profile of various fluorochromes in whatever configuration desired.


Annotate Experiment

This dialog supports the new conventions for labeling metadata covered by MIFlowCyt.

Panel Wizard

A wizard interface to sequentially build the contraints needed to search the Fluorish database for reagents applicable to your cytometer and experiment.

Plate Editor

Access the Plate Editor. The Plate Editor can annotate FCS files from plate-based assays.

Spectra Viewers

Jump to a third party webpage to visualize spectral overlap of fluorochromes in your experiment.