Quickly generate graphical reports of all your plots, histograms, plates, and overlays. FlowJo vX has added features to enhance your graphical output, check your gating strategy, and apply common formats to multiple objects!

The Layout Editor is FlowJo’s tool for creating graphical reports. Like other areas of the program, batch operations are at the heart of the Layout Editor. In the Layout Editor you can create a single layout report or apply a layout strategy to an entire sample set.



To create a simple graphical report, simply drag populations from the Workspace into the blank space in the Layout Editor. As an example, open an FCS file in the Workspace by double clicking on the file. Draw a basic rectangular gate using the rectangle tool in the Graph Window. Copy the gate to all samples within the Workspace by dragging the new population (e.g. “Lymphocytes) to the “All Samples” group. Open the Layout Editor by clicking on the  icon at the top toolbar. Now drag the “Lymphocytes” population in the Workspace to the Layout Editor (see images below).




A graph should appear with the last parameters observed (e.g.FSC vs SSC). Try dragging the parental population (the FCS file), from the Workspace into the Layout Editor next to the plot you just imported.

To batch this report across all of your samples, click the  icon at the top right of the Layout Editor, or click “Create Batch Report” in the Batch band. FlowJo will then create a graphical report across all of your samples within the All Samples group showing the same two types of plots.

There are many tools available in the Layout Editor to assist you in creating a report and there are a variety of output options from which to choose. To learn about the controls, processes or tools in the Layout Editor, please select from the options below.

Menus and Dialogs

Ribbons and Bands

Graph Definition Dialog

Legend Properties Dialog 

Layout Creation, Organization and Batch Operations

Aligning and grouping objects

Resizing page vs. resizing plots

Making Overlays

Batch Operations (overview)

Batching Overlays and Locking Control Samples

Simple Batching

Filtered Batching

Report and Image Export Options

Adjunct Histograms

Tables in Layouts



Line Tool

Grid Tool

Statistics Table Tool

Web Box Tool



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