Use Excel to add and organize your keywords and import that right into FlowJo to annotate your data files.

Many users keep an excel spreadsheet of their samples and information about the sample to help organize their data files and keep track of them, particularly when using plates. With FlowJo v10’s new plate editor, you can actually save that excel file as a CSV and import it into the plate editor. You can then create groups in FlowJo from the various wells and add those keywords to your data files.

All you need to do is to make sure there is a column for your “Well ID” (without the quotes) keyword in the excel spreadsheet so the FlowJo plate editor knows what keywords belong to each well.



Save the excel file as a CSV file and in the plate editor, go to the file menu and click Import


Locate your CSV file and import the CSV file

The keywords will load into the plate and can be visualized:



You can move the well keywords to the data files in the workspace for use throughout FlowJo:

Plate_Editor 2

The ability to import a CSV file is extremely powerful considering you are likely already using an excel document to annotate your samples and track them. With FlowJo’s plate editor, you can now use these annotation during analysis with a few clicks!


Import Multiple Plates as well

To import several plates, just click the plus sign in the plate editor window and create multiple plates. This way, you can annotate multiple plates of data in one workspace!



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