FlowJo Envoy is now integrated with FlowJo v10!

FlowJo Envoy is an application for communication and collaboration across a lab’s entire toolbox, including but not limited to flow cytometry and sequencing processes. Being integrated directly into the FlowJo workspace means you can access any analyses and data-sets shared with you in FlowJo Envoy workflows through the click of a button:


Downloading from FlowJo Envoy

Clicking the Add Sample From FlowJo Envoy or Open From FlowJo Envoy buttons in FlowJo’s workspace will take you to a sign in page for your FlowJo Cloud account. If you haven’t yet signed up for the FlowJo Cloud, you can do so here:


After signing in, you’ll be offered a dialog from FlowJo illustrating all of the FlowJo analyses and FCS data files shared with you through your various FlowJo Envoy workflows:


After you choose the files you’d like to explore, click the Add button and those artifacts will either be loaded into your current workspace (in the case of raw data files), or opened for continued analysis in the case of FlowJo analyses.


Uploading Your Analysis to FlowJo Envoy

Once you’ve completed your work session in FlowJo, and want to move the analysis into a FlowJo Envoy workflow, simply visit the File tab, within the Save As option there you’ll find the Save to FlowJo Envoy selection:


This will bring you back to the FlowJo Envoy workflows dialog, where you can choose the appropriate directory to save your analysis:


If you need any extra assistance using the FlowJo Envoy Integration tool feel free to send us an email: techsupport@flowjo.com, or envoy@flowjo.com, we’ll be glad to help!